JD wish he produced this beat. It’s got that vintage Dupri sing songy rhythm perfect for his flow. He does a mediocre job with it.
C Smoove has a pretty good pass on this with the Milwaukee Bucks line.
The rest of Cali Swag is garbage.
B.o.B. comes in way hot. He then makes a hard left and proceeds to rap off beat. Terrible.
Bow Wow not really doing much for me.

Now that Weezy is out he is going to murder this Drought 3 style.


The basketball music video.
Master P or Trick Daddy?
Make em say ugh

Take it to da house

It’s Halloween weekend. And we all know what that means…candy and lots of it. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the other great thing about Halloween…parties. You know what happens at parties don’t you? Rump shakin’. How does all those candied apple bottoms get to rockin’ and rollin’? Blame it on the funk.

The Bar Kays
Shake Your Rump to the Funk
Too Hot to Stop

This is a mega fist pumper and I usually don’t get down on this style but it works well with the video.
I’m sure if it came on in the right setting it could do some serious damage.
Fatboy Slim vs. Hervé – Machines Can Do the Work

This one slid by me but good golly is it silky. Some good ol’ fashioned French touch.

DatA – Electronic Fever

I take great pleasure in learning. I love to stumble on a song and uncover it’s sample lineage. For this example, uncovering involved only reading the YouTube description. I take even greater pleasure when learning is convenient.
Hervé – Together (out October 18)

Primal Scream – Come Together

(Check the synth horns that come in around the 7:00 mark)