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Since I was young, my favorite place in the world aside from my bed was my desk. It was a place for learning, for thought, and for exploration. It brought simultaneous focus and distraction. A set of physical boundaries where work was to be done (but often it was not.)

Via Luke Sullivan

Written, directed by : Patrick Jean
Director of Photograhy : Matias Boucard
SFX by Patrick Jean and Onemoreprod

The UK-based soccer retailer Galaxy Sports has brewed up one ballsy sales promotion. Any customer that buys a pair of trainers before June 10th with the promo code “englandwin” is entitled to a full refund (up to 100 GBP) if England takes the Cup home from South Africa. With England having a pretty good shot at it this could quickly turn out to be quite an expensive shopper program. Capital gains takes a back seat to national glory. Just like a true hooligan.

Via the email blasts that periodically show up in my mailbox stemming from my footie days of old.

For the 20-somethings who pioneered the world wide web when we actually thought it was a series of invisible tubes, I have a treat for you. As a 20-something myself, I logged many hours as an adolescent trolling personal websites hosted on sites such as Angelfire, Homestead and Geocities. Basic .gifs, MIDI rip-offs of then popular songs and heinous Windows95 textured backgrounds were then at the forefront of personal computing technology. Now, these web sites are just a distant memory, overtaken by “Web 2.0” (and whatever “point 0” we’re up to now.) Fear not, for there exists an internet time machine. Type in any URL into the Geocitiesizer and your are instantly whisked back to the wonderful world of 1996. Speaking of which, I’m going to go play capture the flag.

Billed by MeanRed as “the cutest clusterfuck ever.” I think that moniker fits nicely.
Athletic Bilbao vs. 200 kids

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